The Best Mice for 2019

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Best Mice for 2019

The Best Mice for 2019

Mice are one of the most widely used tools needed by any user. The passage of time and advances in operating systems have increasingly required users to use mice, which over time has made significant progress in the production and manufacturing process of this device. Today, large and well-known companies have produced and marketed various mice according to their performance, color, taste and many other technical parameters. If you have bought a new system such as a laptop or any system that requires a mouse and you want to get a quality mouse for your system, be sure to read this article. Before buying a mouse, you should know what you expect from it. If you are a gamer, you should look for special mice for gaming, or if you are looking for other different uses, but you are unaware of the main features of mice, you can contact us. Stay tuned for this article.

What is the best brand of mouse? What is the best mouse for office or graphic work? These questions can have different answers from the point of view of many people, but the correct answer to them is not so simple because you need to have enough information in this area to be the best And get the most comprehensive answers. Do not worry, the Harali team has always been able to answer such questions with careful effort and careful research.

1- Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple is a brand that is found in almost all digital products and offers a variety of quality products to its users. This time, the company has been able to attract the attention of many users with a product with a luxurious and new look.

About Apple's magic mouse, we can mention its main feature, which is its rechargeability. The lack of a large battery in this mouse has made the mouse so delicate and light that the Magic Mouse weighs only 99 grams and its length and width are 5.71 and 11.35, respectively. Another interesting feature is the multi-touch technology that was present in the previous generation of Apple mouse.

This technology allows you to easily move around different pages by combining the movement of your fingers, and opens your hand to perform various operations compared to normal mice. Also, the sensitivity to impact in this generation of Apple Magic Mouse is much higher than the previous generation.

All you need to connect Magic Mouse 2 to your computer is Apple's new operating system (OS X EI Capitan) and Bluetooth, as the new operating system has no problem not recognizing the mouse as an Apple PC user. You can enjoy using this mouse without any problems. The cable used to charge the Magic Mouse 2 is also a Lightning to USB Cable.

One of the things that will catch the attention of Apple users about the new mouse was its charging port at the bottom of the mouse. Placing the charging port in this section does not cause any problems for the user because its charging time is so short that you can only have a cup of coffee at this time and use it all day after charging. But if I want to mention the weaknesses of this product, we can mention the impossibility of replacing the battery and not being suitable for gaming. Of course, for people who care about the color of different products, the bad news is that this product has little color variation.

Information from Apple Magic Mouse 2

Mouse modelMagic Mouse 2
Connection typewireless
Interface typeUSB port
Accuracy range800 to 1600

2- Mouse Surface Arc 2017

The world's thinnest mouse

Surface Arc 2017

For those looking for the best mouse, the Surface Arc 2017 was more than expected. To be clear, even the appearance of this new product from Microsoft excites users. One of the interesting features of this mouse is its curved appearance, which allows less pressure to be applied to the user's hand, but more importantly, you can make it completely flat so that it can be easily placed wherever you want. Give and return to your original state.

Surface Arc 2017 has a large key with left and right click points on it, and has a smooth, one-piece outer surface that lacks a capacitive scroll bar while also being fully scrollable. Before buying this product, note that this type of mouse connects to a computer without the use of wires and can only be used in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, which have Bluetooth version above 4.0. The batteries used in this mouse are AAA half-size batteries that power each battery for 6 months.

If we want to tell you about the disadvantages of this lovely mouse, the only thing that can be seen is that the price is somewhat high, which justifies the quality of the product.

Information from the Surface Arc 2017 mouse

Mouse modelArc 2017
Connection typewireless
Interface typeBluetooth
Accuracy rangeNone

3- Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

The best mouse in terms of performance and price

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

Another Microsoft product is the 1850 mouse. This mouse also has some very interesting features that make it a practical and quality product, which of course is also the cheapest mouse from Microsoft. This wireless mouse can accurately transmit movements up to 5 meters to your computer without having to drag the wires to and fro. The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 has a nano-receiver on the bottom that makes it easier to carry around with the receiver. Another thing that may be attractive to buyers about this mouse is its variety of colors, which are available in 5 colors: black, red, pink, crimson and purple.

The 1850 mouse has an optical sensor with a resolution of 1000dpi, which has increased the ability to control the indicator, as well as the ability to move smoothly between pages and files. You're probably asking about the mouse battery, don't worry, we didn't miss it either. The battery of this mouse is an AA alkaline battery that provides power to the mouse for up to 6 months, but one of the important points in the mouse to reduce power consumption is a power button that you can turn off whenever you want. To reduce energy consumption. The mouse can also be connected to a computer via a USB dongle and can be used with both hands.

Finally, if you are looking to buy a quality, portable, convenient and affordable product, this is the best mouse for you. The price of this mouse for this level of product quality seems really affordable.

Information from Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

Mouse modelWireless Mobile Mouse 1850
Connection Typewireless
Interface typeBluetooth
USB inputNone

4- Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

A beautiful and compact mouse

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

Introducing one of the best Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 mice. This ergonomic and beautiful mouse can be used with both hands, so it can be very suitable for left-handed people. The Model 3600 mouse connects to a computer via Bluetooth 4.0 and can be used for Windows 8 and 10, Mac 10 and 10.3 and Android 4.4.2 and 5 operating systems. It also has an optical sensor and has a 4-way scroll.

The battery used in this mouse is an AA size alkaline battery that provides the energy used for about 12 months and does not need to be replaced until after this period. In addition, the 3600 mouse is available in three colors: black, red and blue, and you can buy it at a reasonable price.

Information from Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

Mouse modelBluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600
Connection TypeWireless
Interface TypeBluetooth
USB InputNone

How to choose the best mouse?

Best Mouse Brands: Logitech and Razer

Wireless or cordless: Wireless mice are more comfortable because they do not have wired wires, but these types of mice are usually somewhat delayed and can interfere with other wireless devices in the house, as well as running out of battery and charging. Sometimes it gets you in trouble.

Sensitivity: If you use the mouse for gaming or graphics and photo editing, we recommend using mice that are more sensitive or laser mice. Of course, the best option for each person is to use a mouse whose sensitivity can be changed for different tasks.

Comfort: We recommend that you do not limit yourself to saying that it is an ergonomic product, because the comfort of a mouse is not its ergonomics, and only with long-term use can you tell if the mouse is comfortable for you or not.

Mouse Buttons: Many mice, in addition to left and right click and scroll buttons, have other buttons that can be adjusted and programmed. The more configurable the mouse, the more capabilities it has, so it is recommended for people who work with similar browsers and applications.

5- Razer DeathAdder Elite mouse

Suitable for professional gamers

Razer DeathAdder Elite mouse

In the various features of different types of mice, we also introduce a mouse suitable for computer games to gamers. We also recommend the Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse to gamer friends. This mouse is the most sensitive and fastest gaming mouse, which with a resolution of 16000 dpi has surpassed many of the best mice on the market, but users are allowed to change this resolution using the mouse keys. It is somewhat interesting to know that the IPS of this mouse has reached 450 (IPS is the distance that the mouse travels per second without jumping). In addition, the acceleration of this mouse is incredible and is equivalent to 50G.

Another attractive feature of this mouse is the adjustable LED light that has the ability to adjust the color among 16.8 million colors that you can turn on different colors separately or side by side when clicking. This feature is very interesting for users because you can use this mouse to create a very beautiful light combination with the headset and keyboard made by the same company.

The cable of this mouse is 2.1 meters long, which is fully protected, and its USB connector is also plated with gold, which shows the quality of the product. In addition, the life of the switch is estimated at about 50 million clicks.

The price of this product can be considered fair due to its unique features, so according to what is mentioned on various websites, the first series of this mouse has sold for about 70 US dollars.

Information from the Razer DeathAdder Elite mouse

Mouse modelDeathAdder Elite
Connection typeWireless
Interface typeBluetooth
USB InputNone

6- Razer Mamba mouse

One of the most beautiful mice in the game

Razer Mamba mouse

Razer products are a favorite of many users. This company has always amazed gamers by offering quality and beautiful products. The Razer Mamba has also worked really well with the mouse, which users will fall in love with just seeing the look of this product. In addition to excellent performance, this mouse has a very stylish and beautiful appearance that will surely satisfy any user. The asymmetrical shape of this mouse makes it easy to hold in the hand and continuous and fast movements do not cause it to detach.

There are 9 buttons on this functional product and its scrolling can be clicked and you can click left and right to scroll through the pages without scrolling. In addition, there are two other buttons on the mouse that allow the user to adjust the DPI in the range of 800 to 16000, which is also unique in its kind. The battery life of this mouse is also estimated at a maximum of 20 hours.

Like the previous model we introduced, the scroll of this model has an adjustable LED and there are two light strips around it. At the same time as connecting the mouse to the computer, a program called Razer Synapse is downloaded, which can be used to adjust many features related to the mouse, and the lighting settings are the main part of it. In addition to allowing the user to adjust many mouse capabilities, there are two screws on the back of the mouse to adjust the pressure of the click buttons. Set. So one of the features of Mamba that may be interesting for gamers is the possibility of personalizing the mouse, which has doubled the pleasure of using it.

One of the weaknesses of this mouse is that it is large and not pleasant, which of course may be better for people who prefer large mice.

Information from the Razer Mamba mouse

Mouse modelMamba
Connection typeWireless
Interface typeBluetooth
USB InputNone

7- Razer Atheris mouse

Laptop wireless gaming mouse

Razer Atheris mouse

The good news about the Razer Atheris for left-handed gamers is that this functional product allows both hands to work. This product is one of the best wireless gaming mice that has a 5G laser optical sensor and its sensitivity reaches DPI7200. It also works with two AAA batteries that allow 350 hours of Bluetooth connectivity and operation. In addition, the Atheris mouse has a 2.4 GHz USB dongle that can be used for more precision and sensitivity of the mouse, also this mouse uses Adaptive Frequency technology that makes data transfer safe and accurate.

One of the features that has improved the performance of this mouse is the use of proprietary AFT technology in it. But you may be wondering what AFT technology is? AFT technology allows the mouse to detect different frequencies per millisecond and finally connect to another frequency if there is a disturbance in one frequency, which has resulted in a flawless performance in the Razer Atheris mouse. . This mouse also has 5 programmable buttons that allow the user to adjust various capabilities.

Information from the Razer Atheris mouse

Mouse modelAtheris
Connection typeWireless
Interface typeBluetooth
USB InputNone

8- Razer DeathAdder Chroma Mouse

Pleasant and beautiful

Razer DeathAdder Chroma Mouse

This mouse is one of the best mice that Razer introduced in 2014. Regarding the characteristics of this mouse, we must say that considering that several years have passed since its production, its features are very interesting and attractive to us. In fact, this mouse is an upgraded model of DeathAdder, which has a very powerful optical sensor that allows the user to detect 10,000 dots per inch, or in other words, the sensor has a resolution of about 10,000 DPI and the ability to detect speeds of 200 inches per second. It has 5G acceleration. There are 5 keys on this mouse that can be set and programmed. You can also install Synapse software to see interesting statistics such as the number of clicks per game, playing time, the distance traveled by the mouse and the amount of stress in the game.

Unfortunately, this product is not intended for left-handers either, and the Razer DeathAdder Chroma's handy ergonomic mouse is only available for right-handers.

Information from the Razer DeathAdder Chroma Mouse

Mouse modelDeathAdder Chroma
Connection typeWireless
Interface typeBluetooth
USB InputNone

9- Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

The best ergonomic mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic mouse

Microsoft is one of the most reputable companies in the production of digital products. Among the products of this company are mice. Sculpt Ergonomic mouse or its interesting and unique design has been able to attract many fans. It is safe to say that once you use this mouse, you can no longer use another mouse. The ergonomics of this mouse are designed with a resolution of 1000dpi so that it fits completely under your hand and does not allow any damage to your wrist.

The design of this mouse and its keyboard took about 2 years, according to the design engineer. This mouse has a special Windows key and two AA alkaline AAA batteries that are located at the bottom of the mouse. Also benefits. This handy mouse has an on / off button at the bottom to save energy, as well as a small groove that is a dongle position, making it easy for you to move the mouse.

Information from the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic mouse

Mouse modelSculpt Ergonomic
Connection typeWireless
Interface typeBluetooth
USB InputNone

10- Logitech MX Master 2S mouse

The best mouse for a variety of uses

Logitech MX Master 2S mouse

Logitech is one of the well-known brands in the field of digital products, and the production of mice is no exception. MX Master 2S mouse is made by Logitech company, which is very high quality but expensive in terms of appearance and body material. These mice are designed for the right hand in two colors black / silver and white. With more buttons, this mouse is more than just a mouse used in offices. The size and dimensions of this mouse or its ergonomic design will not make your hand tired and you can easily use it at long intervals.

In addition to the left, right, and scroll keys, the Logitech MX Master 2S uses two buttons on the side and a horizontal scroll wheel (for scrolling across web pages or design documents). The resolution of this mouse is 1000dpi, which will be very efficient for playing. You can connect this professional and advanced mouse to your system via Bluetooth and dongle. The MX Master 2S mouse comes with a 40-day performance for a single battery and uses a 500 mAh lithium-ion battery.

Information from the Logitech MX Master 2S mouse

Mouse modelMX Master 2S
Connection typeWireless
Interface typeBluetooth
USB InputNone

11- Logitech G903 Lightspeed mouse

Logitech G903 Lightspeed mouse

Another Logitech G903 Lightspeed mouse product is designed with 12000DPI resolution. If you are a gamer and you are looking for a mouse with high accuracy and speed, we recommend this mouse to you. A different look that will appeal to computer game enthusiasts. Feeling very comfortable with this mouse, as well as its high power of movement and reaction is amazingly done.

The Logitech G903 Lightspeed mouse is equipped with the PMW3366 optical sensor. The proprietary clock tuning technology in this mouse significantly reduces the sensor power consumption, so you can work for 32 consecutive hours on a single full charge. In gaming applications, this mouse informs you of the remaining battery life, so you can continue your game without any worries.

Information from the Logitech G903 Lightspeed mouse

Mouse modelG903 Lightspeed
Connection typeWireless and wired
Interface typeUSB Port
USB InputNone

We are very pleased to be able to provide you with reviews of some of the best mice and thank you for staying with us until the end of this article. We hope we have been able to help you with this information before making a purchase and to buy the best mouse according to your needs. In this article, it was introduced according to the different needs of different types of mice, if you are going to buy a new wireless mouse, or you want a great gaming mouse, or you are looking for a very attractive product with a luxurious appearance, and if you want an affordable product. Save yourself. In the above section, all these items were mentioned, which we hope have been useful for you dear ones.

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