EMC VNX 300GB 15K SAS 25X2.5 DPE/DAE V4-2S15-300

EMC VNX 300GB 15K SAS 25X2.5 DPE/DAE V4-2S15-300
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EMC VNX 300GB 15K SAS 25X2.5 DPE/DAE V4-2S15-300

VNX 300GB 15K SAS 2.5inch V4-2S15-300 HDDs are the first examples of high-speed EMC hard drives for the company's storage devices. The company is fully focused on the production of storage devices. At high speeds, these hard drives reduce latency in storage devices. This feature makes the speed of writing and reading information high, users can easily access a high-speed storage.

  • Nominal storage capacity of 300 GB
  • High internal cylinder speed 15,000 rpm
  • Having a data transfer trope of 6Gb / s
  • Interface (SAS) Serial Attached SCSI
  • Unbreakable firmware of this device

All the mentioned features plus the powerful emc software used in these storage makes VNX 300GB 15K SAS 2.5inch V4-2S15-300 a suitable option for data storage.

EMC has long selected its selected products from among the best on the market. The company cooperates with major manufacturers such as TOSHIBA, HGST and SEAGATE and turns the high quality products of these companies into software equipment feed by optimizing the software.

These hard drives can be used in most storage devices of this company. All VNX1, VNX2 family devices can use VNX 300GB 15K SAS 2.5inch V4-2S15-300. Most of the devices in these two families are in the entry and mid-range categories. The most important and key feature of this device is non-copying and cheating in the equipment of this company due to the very safe and efficient firmware of this company.

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